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Decal is made to “Apply to the outside of the Window”

High Quality Outdoor Vinyl is used that can last up to 6yrs thru Normal weather & Car washing

Die-cut Vinyl / Easy Application / No Background

Be sure to measure the area you want to place your decal for the best fit

Size: 9.25″wide x 6″tall


  • What is a Vinyl Decal?
    A vinyl decal, also known as a vinyl sticker that is affixed to a smooth surface for decoration and informational purposes. Vinyl decals are cut with vinyl plotter machines. The designs will range from a single color to multiple color’s.
  • The Vinyl Application Process
    We include Easy Application Instructions. You’ll have so much fun doing this yourself!
    Quick F.A.Q’s below, or view full F.A.Q’s Here.
  • Most of our vinyl comes in one piece, for easier application. However depending on the size some will come in multiple pieces, the description will say if it does. If decals are more than one color they may arrive in sections or assembled depending on the design.
  • The vinyl we use can be Removed, but cannot be Repositioned. One time application use only.
  • These are Die Cut Vinyl Decals, they do not have any type of background or overlay. They are not static clings or magnets.
  • Our vinyl can be recommended for Outdoor use only and to be applied on the outside of your window, not the inside.
  • We recommend not touching the back sticky part of the decal, oils from your skin can prevent adhering properly.
  • Our Vinyl Decals adheres to Windows, Mirrors, Ceramic, any non-porous area’s. Please read our instructions for help on getting it to apply to your surface.
  • To remove the vinyl you simply use a sharp edge tool or your fingernail to lift the vinyl decal. If left on the surface for years, you can use heat to warm the glue and make it easier to remove.
  • View all of our Tutorial Videos here.
    If you cannot locate your problem within the Video tutorials please contact us and we are happy to help you.
  • PLEASE UNDERSTAND not all surfaces are the same. Applying vinyl to one surface could be easier than applying to another surface. Some designs can take longer to apply than others. More intricate designs with swirls or thin pieces may take more time applying. 99% of the time if you are having trouble with your vinyl decal applying to your surface, it is the Surface you are applying it to. It is extremely rare that it’s the actual vinyl that is defective. If you need any help our videos should show you what to do and of course please message us with any problems. We’ve seen it all and applied to all surfaces imaginable. Don’t ever get discouraged, vinyl decals will never be perfect, knowing this will help you in installing our decal efficiently.
  • About Off the Wall Decor
    Off The Wall Vinyl Decor provides High Quality with Reasonable Pricing Vinyl Lettering. Which include Personalized Names, Monogram Lettering and Fun Graphics. We have Home Decor, Car Decal Designs and Custom Family Stick Figure Decals.

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