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Off the Wall Decor

Baby Mario & Peach

Baby Mario & Peach

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Cute alert! Put Mario and Peach on your ride with this handmade car window sign. Stick 'em with the suction cup sign, vinyl decal or magnet for easy removal. Make sure everyone's eyes are on you with the babies on board! Perfect for any video game fan. (You go, plumbers!)

Printed Vinyl: 7x6.25"
Suction Cup Sign: 4.8x4.8"
Solid UV Printed Vinyl & Magnet: 6x7.5"

  • Suction cup signs are not recommended for vehicles with "Dark" tint as the sign will not been seen easily.
  • Adhesive vinyl’s are easy to apply and are applied to the outside of the window for better visibility.
  • Magnets will apply to any metal surface.
  • Images are printed on High Quality Outdoor Vinyl and Laminated with OraGuard UV Laminate to help prevent fading. UV Printed vinyl decal stickers can last up to 3 years.
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