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Off the Wall Decor

Cute Zombie Family Decals

Cute Zombie Family Decals

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Family Style

Liven up your car with these adorable Zombie Family Decal Stickers! From the beady-eyed baby to crazy dad, there's sure to be a zombie for everyone! So, put those boring, generic decals to bed and get groovin' with the zombiest family around! Woops, time to hide!

Adult Male 4.5"
Adult Female 4"
Teen Male 5.5"
Teen Female 4"
Child Male 3"
Child Female 3"
Toddler 2.75"
Baby 2"

These arrive individual so you can customize your family.
Decal is made to "Apply to the outside of the Window"
Adhesive vinyl’s are easy to apply and are applied to the outside of the window for better visibility.
Images are printed on High Quality Outdoor Vinyl and Laminated with OraGuard UV Laminate to help prevent fading. UV Printed vinyl decal stickers can last up to 3 years.

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